Nomiation Papers for Town Meeting Election are now available at Town Hall

posted Jan 15, 2014, 7:58 AM by Mark McDonough
This year I am making a direct appeal for each of you to consider becoming a candidate for town meeting. As you may know, Town Meeting is the oldest and most direct form of democratic government and decides on the spending of the town each year. In 2013, Needham's operating budget was in excess of $117 million. Each dollar allocated must be voted by Town Meeting before it can be spent. This is a critical role and it requires only a limited commitment of time and effort (3 to 5 evenings a year) This is certainly a price worth paying to make sure that the tax dollars of this community are well spent.

Nomination papers are available at the Needham Town Clerks Office for this spring’s election of town meeting members. Anyone wishing to be on the ballot for town meeting should follow these 4 steps:

  1. Go to the Town Clerks Office and request nomination papers to be a candidates for town offices and or town meeting for the April 8th election

  2. Have your nomination paper signed by a minimum of 10 (we recommend 15) registered voters in your precinct. (We are more than happy to assist in getting you signatures to fulfill this requirement)
  3. Return the nomination papers to the Town Clerk's Office on or before February 18th
  4. We recommend preparing a postcard or flyer to let your neighbors (50 to 100 should be sufficient). This will let people know that you are running and will go a long way in getting you the votes you need to secure a seat. We are happy to help with flyers, postcards, mailing lists and to offer suggestions on how to increase the odds of your being elected.

Anyone willing to consider making a run for Town Meeting who would like assistance or has questions, please feel free to contact Mark McDonough by responding to this email or by calling (781)264-6582.